pokemon go – Does Turtwig’s evolutions rely in the direction of Celebi’s analysis quest?

pokemon go - Does Turtwig's evolutions rely in the direction of Celebi's analysis quest?

Niantic responded to my inquiry, and that is by design. Generation four evolutions won’t work for Celebi’s Special Research.

You have to evolve an already developed Grass-Type Pokémon from the Kanto, Johto or Hoenn area. Please excuse the circumstances which have been brought on. Unfortunately, Pokémon from the Sinnoh area don’t work.
(Response from Niantic help)

Apparently, customers on reddit (right here and right here) are reporting that evolving Grotle into Toterra does not rely in the direction of Celebi’s analysis quest.

There have been identified points previously with Celebi’s subject analysis. Given that Grotle is Gen4 and was launched after Celebi’s subject analysis, the consensus between the 2 threads is that that is probably on account of a bug.

I reached out to Niantic with reference to this, and can replace my reply after I hear again.

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