Pokemon Go: Everything You Need to Know About Gastly

Pokemon Go: Everything You Need to Know About Gastly

Since its Halloween I figured it would be appropriate to do a profile about the original Ghost Type, Gastly.

Pokedex Entry: The Gas Pokemon – Gastly is largely composed of gaseous matter. When exposed to a strong wind, the gaseous body quickly dwindles away. Groups of this Pokemon cluster under the eaves of houses to escape the ravages of wind.


  • Max CP: 804
  • Base Attack: 136
  • Base Defense: 82
  • Base Stamina: 60
  • Egg Hatch Distance: 5km
  • Buddy Walk Distance: 3km

Summary of Stats:

In the main series games, Gastly has high Special Attack, and above average Speed stats. However, all of its other stats are fairly low.

In Pokemon Go, Gastly has low HP and Defense, and moderate Attack.

Considering that Gastly is a first form Pokemon it actually has decent Attack and CP, although it could be better. Gastly’s stats suffer a lot because of Pokemon Go’s Stat formula.  

In the main games each Pokemon has a specialty, or a role to fill, so any Pokemon can be good when used in its proper roll.  Gastly is a strong and fast special attacker, but Gastly is a weak (but still fast) physical attacker.

However, because of the way Pokemon Go basically splits the difference when it merges the Physical and Special Attack stats, it forces Gastly into the roll of a ‘just decent’ general attacker, and because the Pokemon Go stat formula undervalues speed, Gastly isn’t even fast anymore. 

Gastly is also very fragile so it needs the high attack and speed to balance that out, and it just doesn’t have that in Pokemon Go.



In Pokemon Go Gastly evolves into Haunter with 25 Gastly candies, and then evolves into Gengar after getting an additional 100 Gastly Candies.



In the main series games, about half of the moves that Gastly can learn are Status moves, this is unusual as most Pokemon can only learn very few Status moves.

For those who don’t know, Status moves are Pokemon moves that inflict a “Status Condition” instead of doing direct damage.  Status Conditions can have a variety of effects including changing the targets stats, applying a damage over time effect, or preventing the target from using a move.

What this means is that Gastly is intended to use Status moves, along with strategy and trickery, to gain an advantage in battle, and once its target is affected Gastly can use its Special Attacks to finish them off.

So how does this transfer to Pokemon Go? …Well, It doesn’t, there are no Status moves or Status Conditions in Pokemon Go. Although I can see why they wouldn’t want to have them, it could be seen as overcomplicated and annoying. Also, the lack of status moves doesn’t really make Gastly any less combat effective it just takes away some of its ‘character’ so to speak.

The Quick Moves Gastly can have are:

  • Lick: The weakest Ghost Type quick move, it does normally 10 damage per second, but because Gastly is also Ghost type that gets boosted to 12.50 DPS.
  • Sucker Punch: The weakest Dark Type quick move, it only does 10 DPS.

The Charge Moves Gastly is able to have are:

Dark Pulse: A below average Dark Type charge move. It does 12.86 DPS.

Sludge Bomb: a strong Poison Type charge move, it normally does 21.15 DPS, but since Gastly is also a Poison Type that gets increased to 26.44.  

Ominous Wind: A weak Ghost Type charge move. It would normally only do 9.68 DPS, but with Gastly being Ghost Type that increases to 12.10. 

(Side Note – All of the above Attacks, in the main series games, have a chance to inflict some kind of Status Condition)

Best Attacker Moveset: Lick and Sludge Bomb

Best Gym Defender Moveset: Sucker Punch and Sludge Bomb


Type Advantages and Disadvantages:

Gastly is a Ghost type, because of this it takes .8x reduced damaged from Normal Type Attacks, but it also takes 1.25x more damage from Ghost and Dark type attacks

(In the Main series games Ghost Types are completely immune to Normal and Fighting Type attacks, but Immunities aren’t a thing in Pokemon Go, Ghost types are only resistant to Normal and Fighting Type attacks, I can understand why they wouldn’t want to have full immunities, but I feel like they should still at least count as a “double resistance”.)

Due to its Poison Typing Gastly takes .8x reduced damaged from Fairy, and Grass Type attacks, but takes 1.25x more damage from Ground, and Psychic Type attacks.

(In the main series games, Gastly has an Ability called “Levitate” which makes it Immune to Ground Type attacks. But once again, Immunities and Abilities aren’t a thing in Pokemon Go, so Gastly ends up being weak to Ground Type attacks, although this is how it was before Gen 3 so this one doesn’t bother me as much.)

Also, because Gastly is both Ghost and Poison Type it has a “double resistance” to Bug, Fighting, and Poison Type attacks, taking .64x less damage from them.

Type Advantages and Disadvantages for Moves:

The Ghost Type moves, Lick and Ominous Wind, do 1.25x more damage to Psychic and Ghost Type Pokemon, but do 0.8x less damage to Normal and Dark Type Pokemon.

(In the main games Normal Type Pokemon are completely immune to Ghost Type Attacks.)

The Dark Type moves, Sucker Punch and Dark Pulse, do 1.25x more damage to Psychic and Ghost Type Pokemon, but do 0.8x less damage to Fighting, Dark, and Fairy Type Pokemon.

The Poison Type move, Sludge Bomb does 1.25x more damage to Grass, and Fairy Type Pokemon, but does 0.8x less damage to Poison, Ground, Rock, Ghost, and Steel Type Pokemon.

(In the main games Steel Type Pokemon are completely immune to Poison Type attacks.)


Where to find Gastly:

As I am writing this the Halloween Event is taking place, so Gastly is currently one of the most common Pokemon and can be found nearly everywhere.

However, if you’re reading this after the event is over, and Gastly spawns have returned to normal, here’s how to find Gastly under normal conditions.

Ghost Type Pokemon have a low spawn rate but they supposedly have a higher chance of spawning near churches, and in residential areas. It is also known that they appear slightly more often at night.

Poison types usually have a higher chance to spawn near Wetlands, Marshes, and Lakes. (However, it is unknown if this applies to Gastly as its Ghost Typing seems to determine where and when it spawns. And these spawn areas only seem to apply to the animal-like Poison Types like Ekans and Nidoran)

You will have more successful hunting by playing around more populated areas, and you shouldn’t play anywhere unsafe or on private property.

Happy Halloween

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