Pokemon GO Fundraiser in Newhall, CA

Pokemon GO Fundraiser in Newhall, CA

Hey guys, I hope this is worthy of being on Pokemon_GO_News. My nonprofit is putting on a big Pokemon GO themed fundraiser to raise funds to help individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. It will be next Saturday, Oct. 22nd from 10am-7pm. We hope to get enough involvement that the local news media will cover us and bring some positive exposure to us and the game. We are going to lure the entirety of downtown Newhall (25 lures all within 5 minutes walking distance and multiple triple Pokestops). We will have some games and prizes. We will have prizes for all ages including Pokemon prizes and prizes from our local businesses. Ultimately, we want this event to benefit the whole community so if you come by help us support the local businesses. Here is a list of our sponsors. http://imgur.com/cyudwez

If you can’t make it and want to donate here is our link: http://www.californiaspectrumcare.org/take-action/

Or help us by liking/following us on Facebook or Instagram.
https://www.facebook.com/CaliforniaSpectrumCare/?fref=ts https://www.instagram.com/californiaspectrumcare/

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