Pokémon Go Giratina raid information: counters and greatest movesets

Pokémon Go Giratina raid information: counters and greatest movesets

Giratina is again in Pokémon Go raids, and whether or not you’re preventing its Origin Forme or Altered Forme, you’ll need the identical counters.

When the spooky Pokémon is in its Origin Forme (the one that appears like a snake), it’s the strongest ghost-type DPS within the recreation, even with the discharge of fifth era Pokémon. Altered Forme is especially good for PvP, however is price having to your Pokédex. This time round, fortunate gamers could discover a Shiny Giratina.

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Both types of Giratina are ghost- and dragon-type, that means that they’ve a plethora of weaknesses. However, if you happen to use ghost– and dragon-type Pokémon towards Giratina, be ready to dodge and get hit onerous. Ice-, darkish-, and fairy-type strikes can even assist get the job carried out. Below are some good counters:

  • Rayquaza with Dragon Tail and Outrage
  • Salamence with Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor
  • Palkia with Dragon Tail and Draco Meteor
  • Gengar with Shadow Claw/Lick and Shadow Ball
  • Tyranitar with Bite and Crunch

Once you get your Giratina, the most effective moveset for it’s Shadow Claw and Dragon Claw for Altered Forme Giratina, and Shadow Claw and Shadow Ball for Origin Forme.

Altered Forme Giratina is again in raids till Oct. 17 at four p.m. ET and it’s trying possible that Origin Forme Giratina could return after that date. If you’re not Shiny searching, it could be price saving your raid passes till the stronger model of this ghostly Legendary returns.

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