Pokemon GO iOS URL Scheme

Pokemon GO iOS URL Scheme

The URL Scheme has changed to com.googleusercontent.apps.848232511240-dmrj3gba506c9svge2p9gq35p1fg654p in version 1.1.0. Version 1.1.1 uses this URL Scheme also.

Discovered the URL Scheme thanks to @rmaddy’s comment. The URL Scheme to open Pokemon GO on an iOS device is, b335b2fc-69dc-472c-9e88-e6c97f84091c-3://. Seems like they do not intend for other developers to use the URL Scheme considering the way it is formatted. I’d be cautious implementing this in a published application for now.

Swift example:

// Check if Pokemon GO app installed on deviceif UIApplication.sharedApplication().canOpenURL(NSURL(string:"b335b2fc-69dc-472c-9e88-e6c97f84091c-3://")!) {    UIApplication.sharedApplication().openURL(NSURL(string:"b335b2fc-69dc-472c-9e88-e6c97f84091c-3://")!)}else {    // Pokemon GO not installed    // Do something else}

Also, starting at iOS 9 you must include LSApplicationQueriesSchemes in your info.plist.

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