Pokemon Go Item: Egg Incubator

Pokemon Go Item: Egg Incubator

Pokemon Go Item, Egg Incubator can be used to hatch Pokemon Eggs you get from PokeStops, and in the wild.

When you place a Pokemon Egg inside the Egg Incubator, you need to walk or travel the required distance in order for the Pokemon Egg to hatch, giving you a brand new pokemon..

The required distance can range from 2km to 5km and even 10km..

Your phone’s GPS should be open, so that Pokemon Go can track the distance you’ve travelled.. You don’t want to walk a couple of blocks, only to find out the Egg Incubator km count isn’t increasing, right?

An Egg Incubator is given to you upon starting the game, which you can use unlimited times, but can only hold one Pokemon Egg at a time.

You can purchase a more fragile version of the Egg Incubator from the Store, which can hold multiple Pokemon Eggs at a time, but will break after 3 uses..

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