Pokemon Go Leak Suggests Eevee Evolutions Glaceon And Leafeon Could Be Coming Soon

Pokemon Go Leak Suggests Eevee Evolutions Glaceon And Leafeon Could Be Coming Soon

Niantic has been slowly introducing Gen four Pokemon to Pokemon Go over the previous few months, however two that stay conspicuously lacking from the sport are Glaceon and Leafeon, the Ice- and Grass-type evolutions of Eevee. However, a brand new leak suggests the 2 Eeveelutions could also be on the way in which to the sport quickly.

Dataminer Chraleswho has a protracted monitor file of leaking new Pokemon Go options earlier than they’re formally introduced, found textual content for 3 new sorts of Lure Modules. The Glacial Lure, based on the textual content, attracts Pokemon “that love the cold;” the Mossy Lure has the identical impact on Pokemon that “love mossy scents;” and the Magnetic Lure attracts in those who “possess a magnetic field.”

Each of the three new Lure Modules additionally reportedly trigger some Pokemon to evolve, which suggests that is how gamers will be capable to acquire Glaceon and Leafeon in Go. In the mainline Pokemon video games, Eevee would solely evolve into a kind of two varieties if it leveled up whereas close to the Ice or Moss Rock. Similarly, Magneton and Nosepass would solely evolve into their respective remaining varieties, Magnezone and Probopass, if leveled up in a magnetic subject. The three new Lure Modules look like Niantic’s approach of replicating that course of in Pokemon Go.

Niantic has but to formally verify the brand new Lure Modules, so it stays to be seen after they’ll arrive and the way gamers will be capable to acquire them. In the meantime, new Gen four Legendary Pokemon can be found in Raid Battles. The Legendary lake trio, Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxieare showing in Gyms till May 27; nevertheless, every one is at present solely obtainable in a particular area.

Pokemon Go’s subsequent Community Day can be simply across the nook. The month-to-month occasion returns subsequent Sunday, May 19. The featured Pokemon this time shall be Torchic, one of many three starters from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. A Detective Pikachu occasion can be underway till May 17. During that point, you’ll discover elevated spawns of Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, Snubble, and different Pokemon that seem within the film, and chances are you’ll even come throughout a Shiny Aipom or a Pikachu carrying a detective’s hat.


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