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Pokemon go has now added new rare Pokemon!! I am happy to inform i just talked to the creators Niantech. We are happy to announce the new Pokemon being Mewtwo, Mew, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. We are wondering if you all are happy about this? Will you be like that ignorant kid that broke into a widows kitchen then get gunned down by a 9mm? What will these new rare Pokemon make people do? Also yes you could say i’m upset because of this update. I just wanna inform you guys don’t be using Pokemon go while be hunted by a hit squad or by a kill squad. They will use it to kill you and your family I would suggest not using there easily hacked tracker but for them to improve it and make the tracker not as easy to hack maybe set up a Anti Hack. But they don’t actually care about you guys or that would’ve been done already they only care about the money they are making. The amount of profit they are making is so significant they don’t even care if kids die due to their game. How much time do you spend on Pokemon go? Has your bf/gf broke up with you due to your addiction like your addiction to sex or drugs? Before judging this and telling me go “go fuck yourself” think about that kid with 3 bullet holes in him while Pokemon go has no response. Think about it why didn’t they respond? The kid did something to deserve being shot and murdered. Ask yourselves are you really throwing away your great and successful lives to play Pokemon go? People in Harvard are you wasting your education for Pokemon Go? You know how many people don’t play Pokemon Go and wanna go to Harvard? A shit ton and you are wasting that one spot by playing Pokemon Go. I think Pokemon go needs to stop all these deaths or it could lead to our extinction. The human race destroyed by a pathetic game that wasn’t even fun.Did you hear about the gun robbed at gunpoint? He was able to identify them he is so lucky that he didn’t get killed. Now lets talk about the people that play it 24/7. You guys think you know everything but please just stop I feel like whenever I meet a Pokemon Go know it all I just pick up Aids and Lung Cancer. Did you hear about the parents abandoning their 2 year old for a fucking Pokemon game?? How about that guy that gets robbed of his phone after a prank?? What about getting robbed in a parking lot?? Or falling down the ocean cliff? Lucky for us we had firefighters to save them from their deaths. Or that guy stabbed multiple times too bad he didn’t notice because we was too busy catching a Pokemon. Or that guy who got his face pounded and then robbed. Or that guy that got killed because he was catching a Pokemon but a guy thought he was being recorded. Or the baseball player who was shot to death? One day this will become you but when that day comes and if it does I wouldn’t expect too much from people. You think because all of these people were saved the same thing will happen for you?? Don’t always be so positive you will make it out alive or without getting shot or ribs. Pokemon go will destroy this planet make us go to war again! Pokemon Go will not help us accomplish anything if we even can accomplish beat the people that know everything about Pokemon Go. This game shouldn’t even be legal to play for people under the age of 20. IF you are reading this and under 20 I am disappointed I will ask you to stop playing the game and to go on with your life and to not waste it all on a shitty fucking game. If you decide to ignore my message please consider at least waiting until your 20 that would mean a lot. If you are a drug dealer and have enemies they will hack the tracking device if they are smart and track you down to eliminate you to own the city and not have any competition. You know how many people look for Pokemon in their bedroom while having intercourse, anal, homosexual, transgender, and other. Then get kicked out. The amount of people dreaming to have a wife or gf and you waste your relationship over a damn game? Are you stupid? What is your Iq?? Can you please tell me why you would do that? Please explain that to me I am so interested in these Pokemon Go people. I just wanna see inside the brain of a Pokemon Go player that plays 24/7. It would be so interesting to see what they think when they see a Pokemon during sex or a Pokemon during a date dinner or school something like that. Just give it some thought think about it what do you think about? Do you think fuck my relationship lets go get that Pokemon and brag to my friends over bragging to them you got a sexy bf/gf or a hot/beautiful bf/gf? If you pick Pokemon over a gf/bf then please reconsider playing this game and spend more time with your family.Did you know that Pokemon Go can kill thousands in a year or millions? Why do you play to die? Pokemon Go is a game of death it plays with your life. Pokemon Go plays with your life. The fact that you let it just makes me wanna kill someone. The fact that this can happen is bad. What if a soldier is attacking a terrorist and sees a rare Pokemon he wants to catch. He will then catch it and get shot but as his last words he shall say Yes i caught a rare Pokemon. The terrorists might play this too but what effect will it have on them? They don’t even like the government so why play their games by their rules? The terrorists probably cheat but who actually cares? It is a game and it is a game worth shit it does not accomplish anything. What if our president needs to make a decision for the country that will either end it or save it. He will than see a rare Pokemon and attempt to catch it instead of saving the country. But his last words to everyone will be I caught a rare Pokemon. How do you have so much fun in this game? The amount of fun people have when they die is amazing. Have you ever heard of not playing Pokemon Go and continuing with your successful life? Don’t get too close to this game. The game will real you in and then disappoint you or make you mad. But you wont do anything bad because you are so attached to it. What if it causes you to break your phone? FlappyPokemon New invention. This game will cause people to break their phones. It will cause your phone to die a very painful death. It also will not allow you to get rid of it. Lets think about this…it uses your camera to make it appear at what ever your looking at like a head. So why? Why do you need that cant you just have an animated background? Why go through that much effort for people to just die. Also what will happen with the new Pikachu? Will people kill for them? Slaughter their own race for a Pokemon? A virtual Pokemon i should add not a even a real life one like why? If your gonna make a game like this you should make it like real life. Do you ever wonder how much the makes of Pokemon Go make? Do you ever wonder about the creators why they made it into a virtual game. Do you ever think about a gangster not getting what he wants? He trades a Rare for a Common he was scammed. He uses the tracker to find this guy when he thinks he is safe you hit him. Also dogs what if there is a Pokemon on a dog and the dog thinks your phone is a weapon so he attacks. Also Pokemon Go creators could calm down their updates and not updatez it every 4 times a week. Why would you code something that is so easy. Why does Pokemon Even kill. How does Pokemon go get the money to update their product?? Why can the blacklisted people get back on? So you have enough for updates but more for. What if Pokemon combines with a different game a more violent game?

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