Pokemon GO Needs This: Visual change to spot a wild Ditto

Pokemon GO Needs This: Visual change to spot a wild Ditto


Have you had the chance to catch a Ditto yet?

dWe are very happy about the Ditto release, mostly because we’ve noticed Niantic is trying to get the show on the road as they’ve nearly released everywhere in the world other than geo banned areas.

When catching a Ditto in Pokemon GO, you see a wild pidgey, after you’ve caught this pokemon a purple screen pops up that shows your pokemon changing into Ditto.

While I’ve mentioned i’m happy about this released, i’m a bit disappointed that they’ve forgot our favorite Ditto facial animation when transforming. This is causing confusing for trainers looking for Ditto due to the lack of animation. The Ditto in the original games cant change his transformed face whereas it was just one Ditto in the TV show that couldn’t, which by the end of the episode could.

Dittos famed face is one of our favorite Pokemon memes around here and we’d love to see this animation added to the game when we find a transformed Ditto. Though it seems unlikely we can always wish right?

I know we all have some major features we’d love to add to the game, though this one seems like a quick minor change they could throw in within the next update. We’re actually expecting Generation 2 to be released within the next 3 weeks so it’s very possible that a shiny ditto can be spotted in the game during that release. While we would love this facial feature for Ditto, it’s not a huge deal and I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t add it to the game personally.

That’s all for now I hope you have a wonderful day!

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