Pokemon GO Player Saves A Life

Pokemon GO Player Saves A Life

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This weekend, Pokemon GO officially launched in over 15 Asian countries, exciting plenty of expectant fans. The insanely popular app has of course taken the world by storm, and with a single release, millions of new players were able to begin their pokemon journey. But, for one particular trainer, their adventure started off with a surprise as they found themselves saving a complete stranger’s life.

Playing the southern Philippines, trainer Bon Vallite began his day easily enough when he went on a hunt for the popular pokemon, Pikachu. Vallite was playing the game in the afternoon near a hotel when he first spotted a stranger who looked to be ill. However, once Vallite saw the man vomiting blood, the trainer knew he needed to step in – and that’s just what he did. Luckily, even though Vallite currently works as a computer consultant in the Davao City, he previously worked as a health worker in his hometown province.

Vallite recalled, “It turned out, instead of finding my first Picachu [sic] character in Pokemon Go, I find a man looking for help while he was flimsy and later vomited blood….I gave him water, laid his back to the wall because he is bending downwards to breath comfortable as he keeps on vomiting and since I have bottled water with me, I put some to his face to normalize his pressure.”

Caring for the man, Vallite was eventually able to flag down a security guard who then called a emergency services. The patient was finally taken to a hospital where he was diagnosed as having suffered heatstroke, a heat illness that can be fatal if it’s untreated for too long.

Thankfully, Vallite’s emergency treatment prevented the victim’s hyperthermia from worsening and helped saved the man’s life. So, undoubtedly, Nurse Joy and her Chancey companions must be very proud of Vallite’s actions.

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