Pokemon Go Pre-Released ?

Pokemon Go Pre-Released ?

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As Niantic developer reveals game secrets at FuturizeX event they even frequently mentioned the game is at its basic stage and we as players need to have patients to see an amazing game coming.So is Pokemon Go Pre-released ?

We frequently have heard same things from Niantic that “Game is at its first stage” so as a company did’t they have a certain role to develop the game to atleast 50% (as Niantic claims its on 10% of what they are going to make Pokemon Go in future) although Niantic releasing the game early to have user reviews..but are they really considering our “Views”.
Niantic recently rolled out the game with wide features.

We already know that there are more Pokemon are on the way.That is “Generation 2” which is rumored to launch sometime in 2017. If the speculation is true, Niantic is about to seriously take things to the next level a sentiment a member of the Pokemon Go creative team confirmed.

Raza Ahmad, a game designer and narrative creator at Niantic, recently spoke on a panel at UCLA’s FuturizeX event.When he was asked about the future of Pokemon Go, Ahmad said: “Pokemon Go is in the very beginning of what you will see in the fullness of time. This is page one of chapter one. It’s not even fully released! We’re still trying to adapt to the needs of our player base, and we’re trying to adhere to the vision of how to build a community game based on the principles of augmented reality.”

Ahmad addressed the suspension of third-party tracking apps as well. “I’m not in the development team so I can’t comment on our content release schedule,” he reportedly said. “But what I can say is our intent with Pokemon is aligned to our vision of community exploration, and that won’t be going away anytime soon. Whether that includes a full tracker or not, at this point, I can’t say.”

So what are your thoughts on this..? Was Pokemon Go Pre-released..like should Niantic released the game later on after making it 50% complete…What are your views let us know.Also, stick with us for all latest on news on Pokemon Go and all anime seasons too.If you have suggestion or wanna join me in my journey and give me suggestions follow me on Instagram or on Snapchat-Vibsz16 .Also if you are a tech addict and want to write about your favorite technology that can be any thing gadgets, app review, computer hardware/software review etc. write your request Here.


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