Pokemon Go: Re-buddying Pikachu [on hold]

Pokemon Go: Re-buddying Pikachu [on hold]

Assume I buddy walked >10km with Pikachu A and it now sits on my shoulder.

  1. If I evolve it into a Raichu, will it still be able to sit on my shoulder (assuming the evolved form is BUDDY_SHOULDER type too)?

  2. If I buddy pikachu B now, will pikachu B sit on my shoulder?

  3. If I buddy a gastly and then change back to buddying pikachu A, will pikachu A still sit on my shoulder?

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A is answered by this question. Raichu is not a shoulder-size Pokemon so the point is moot.
– Vemonus
5 hours ago

Which is why you should only ask one question per post…
3 hours ago

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