pokemon go technical points – Why am I receiving repeated captchas (10+ occurrences) after a softban?

pokemon go technical points - Why am I receiving repeated captchas (10+ occurrences) after a softban?

My good friend has skilled a really unusual challenge with Pokemon Go on separate events, initiated randomly whereas on foot. It began with an unjustified softban that makes Pokemon and Pokestops unavailable (clean tracker). GPS drift might have been the trigger, although good friend’s system is often fairly correct on this regard.

The softban lasted for about 60 minutes after/throughout which a bathe of repeated captcha prompts occurred. On a number of events there have been 10+ of such captchas one after one other, regardless of them being solved accurately. The time between two separate occasions was not more than 5 minutes and will occur after a few seconds. I used to be current and we selected captchas that had been non-ambiguous, comparable to “choose tiles that contain fireworks”, and many others. The softban continued by means of the whole captcha parade, which then ended for no obvious purpose. Nothing helped earlier than that, neither restarting the Android app nor the telephone.

Was there ever a identified challenge with the sport that might clarify such habits? Should this even be thought of as a problem (is it regular)?

I have to say that, on reflection, it seems like an exploit used to determine bots as people by using an unaware human for the job.

It occurred once more yesterday throughout a stroll. Luckily it ended after two consecutive captchas this time. Friend mentioned one thing comparable has occurred not less than 5 instances thus far. What is fascinating is that my telephone has horrible GPS drift and this by no means occurred to me.

We took screenshots of a lot of the captchas. It began once more throughout a stroll at 17:30 and ended an hour later. There had been eight retries (17:30, 17:32, 17:34, 17:37, 17:41, 17:41, 18:29 and 18:30). Friend has NEVER cheated in any method, by no means even had a gymnasium struggle. It appears to be getting worse… Below photos are in a left to proper sequence precisely as they occurred (textual content is localised, click on for full-size photos):

captcha set 2
captcha set 3

Most captchas had been “select squares with street signs” and a few “select images of bodies of water, such as lakes and oceans”, “select images of store displays” and “select images with columns”. I would argue that the entire captchas had been solved accurately.

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