Pokémon Go TOP 10 TIPS & TRICKS! LEVEL UP FAST! Secrets Tips & Tricks for Dummies! No Hack!

Pokémon Go TOP 10 TIPS & TRICKS! LEVEL UP FAST! Secrets Tips & Tricks for Dummies! No Hack!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hi guys! Today’s video I will show you my TOP 10 Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Go for android and iOS devices after the new update! How to level up fast!

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Top 10 Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks:
1. Create character; Get Pikachu
2. Do not evolve Pokémon until 14 or 17
3. Gym; Team Mystic, Instinct or Valor, Leave Pokémon at Gym
4. Items; Do not have disproportion amount
Lucky egg; gives double XP for 30 minutes, Incense; lure Pokémon
Lure module; turn Poke stop into Pokémon lure stop
Razz Berry; catch Pokémon easier, throw one at Pokémon
Take pictures of Pokémon with camera
Egg incubators; hatch random Pokémon eggs
Transfer Pokémon for Candy; Stardust Candy upgrade Pokémon
5. Appraise Pokémon, which Pokémon best to upgrade
6. Parks usually have the most Pokémon
7. Throw Poke Ball from the edge of screen
8. Shop; purchase Items with real money
9. Poke Ball, Great Poke Ball, Ultra Poke Ball
10. Battle: Swipe left to right to dodge attacks
tap Pokémon to attack, hold down Pokémon special attack

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