Pokemon Go Trading And Friends System Are Coming. Here’s How They Work

Pokemon Go Trading And Friends System Are Coming. Here's How They Work

Pokemon Go has been steadily gaining options because it launched in the summertime of 2016, from a extra sturdy gyms system (together with group raids), to each day and weekly quests and occasions with a enjoyable number of rewards. But if there’s one factor the sport remains to be missing–one that gamers have been requesting since Pokemon Go’s release–it’s Pokemon buying and selling. Now, it is lastly taking place: Pokemon Go is getting buying and selling, Niantic confirmed throughout a gathering with journalists at E3.

Trading will arrive in Pokemon Go “soon,” that means within the subsequent month–Niantic representatives confirmed that gamers will be capable of commerce Pokemon with each other by the point Chicago’s Pokemon Go Fest 2018 begins on July 14. Along with buying and selling, Pokemon Go can be getting a sturdy buddies system, and the 2 options will tie collectively in numerous methods.

Making Friends

Beginning quickly, Pokemon Go gamers will be capable of ship each other buddy requests utilizing prolonged numerical buddy codes, just like the codes used on Nintendo consoles just like the Switch. Players will not want so as to add each other’s codes; when you’ve got one other participant’s code, you possibly can ship them a buddy request, they usually need not enter your code as nicely. At launch, every participant’s buddies checklist will likely be restricted to 200 gamers, and though which will increase sooner or later, Niantic confirmed that it has no plans to cost gamers in-game foreign money, which may be purchased with actual cash, for expanded buddies house. In different phrases, you may by no means should spend cash to make room for extra buddies.

Your buddies checklist will stay as one other tab on the coach display screen accessed by tapping in your character portrait within the backside left of the display screen. From there, you possibly can see numerous stats (degree, distance walked, variety of Pokemon caught, and so forth.) and ship your pals “gifts,” that are a brand new merchandise you may gather from PokeStops. When you open a present acquired from a buddy, you may see a postcard of the situation the place they collected it (take a screenshot if you would like, as a result of there is no option to save these postcards), and you will obtain a handful of things which will embrace new 7km eggs that may comprise Alolan types of Pokemon initially from the Kanto area (Pokemon Red/Blue). This would be the solely option to get hold of some Alolan kinds, whereas others will likely be unique to raids or will seem throughout particular occasions, like Alolan Exeggutor did briefly earlier than E3.

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You can even see your “friendship level” with every buddy, which is tied intently with the brand new Pokemon buying and selling characteristic. There are 4 ranges of friendship, with “best friends” on the very high. You can improve your friendship degree with particular buddies by battling at rival groups’ gyms collectively, raiding collectively, sending and receiving presents, and buying and selling Pokemon. Battling with buddies additionally applies bonuses throughout battle that embrace assault buffs and additional balls for the catch part. These do not stack for the entire raiding group; as an alternative, the best buddy bonus of your entire raiding group is utilized for all gamers.

Your friendship degree with a particular buddy can solely improve as soon as per day. More importantly, Niantic has designed the necessities to achieve the best ranges of friendship in order that it ought to take months to turn into “best friends” with one other participant.

“To get from ‘friend’ to ‘good friend’ is one day, and then from ‘good friend’ to ‘great friend’ is seven days total, and then ‘great friend’ to ‘ultra friend’ is 30 days total, and then ‘ultra friend’ to ‘best friend’ is 90,” stated Niantic engineer Kirsten Koa, the tech lead for these new options.

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This is crucially necessary for one particular purpose: The increased your friendship degree, the much less stardust it prices for 2 gamers to commerce Pokemon.


Collecting Pokemon is intrinsic to having fun with Pokemon Go, and two years into the sport’s lifespan, many gamers have spectacular collections of highly effective, uncommon, shiny, region-exclusive, and in any other case distinctive Pokemon of their video games. If buying and selling Pokemon in Pokemon Go was simple or low cost, it could spoil a vital a part of what makes the sport particular. Niantic is aware of that, they usually designed Pokemon Go buying and selling with limitations and prices designed to not detract from the pleasure many gamers really feel of their Pokemon collections and the work gamers put into discovering distinctive Pokemon.

“People work really hard to catch all these different pokemon,” Koa stated. “They travel to different continents and all that stuff. We don’t want to devalue their effort by making trading so easy.”

Trading Pokemon prices stardust, an in-game useful resource that is obtained by on a regular basis play actions like catching Pokemon and hatching eggs. Currently, stardust is used to energy Pokemon up, which has made it a scarce materials for a lot of excessive degree gamers. (You cannot purchase stardust with actual cash, though you possibly can spend cash on particular merchandise packing containers that comprise gadgets which improve the speed at which you acquire stardust by different actions.)

Trades will price the identical quantity of stardust for each gamers, which can discourage uneven trades and stop gamers from buying and selling with themselves by way of dummy accounts. Niantic confirmed journalists a number of examples of how a lot a Pokemon commerce may cost a little. For gamers at decrease friendship ranges, making a “special” trade–trading a legendary Pokemon, a area unique, a shiny, or one which both participant does not have already got of their Pokedex–might not be potential in any respect, or may cost a little as much as 1 million stardust.

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Some excessive degree gamers might need that a lot stardust to spare, however by anybody’s measure it is an enormous quantity. In distinction, when you’ve achieved the best potential degree of friendship with somebody, that very same commerce may cost a little solely 40,000 stardust.

There are a number of different caveats designed to forestall the buying and selling characteristic from de-valuing gamers’ collections, and which Niantic hopes will forestall a “black market” from arising across the characteristic. You can solely commerce with different gamers in person–there aren’t any on-line trades in Pokemon Go. Both gamers have to be degree 10, and you need to be buddies with each other. “Special” trades (as described above) may be made as soon as per day. And a Pokemon’s base stats–in different phrases, its IVs, or the stats that the sport hints at while you use the “appraisal” feature–will change when it is traded, a limitation that’s certain to frustrate essentially the most hardcore gamers.

The considering behind that’s complicated, however at its core it is designed to encourage gamers to commerce Pokemon primarily based on exterior attributes like shininess, rarity, and Pokedex completion, and never on intrinsic, semi-hidden attributes like particular IVs. Pokemon Go permits gamers to find out particular person Pokemon’s normal base stats utilizing a nonspecific “appraisal” characteristic that assigns every Pokemon a imprecise score, however many gamers use third-party instruments, just like the cellphone app Poke Genie, to find out a Pokemon’s precise IVs.

By randomizing IVs when a Pokemon is traded, Niantic ensures that these hidden stats will not be a think about trades. Players with 100 IV Pokemon–Pokemon with good base stats, in different words–will need to maintain these Pokemon as an alternative of utilizing them in trades. It’s not all unhealthy, although; a Pokemon’s IVs can enhance throughout a commerce, and the upper your friendship degree, the upper the Pokemon’s base stats would possibly turn into.

“One of the considerations for trading is we don’t want there to be a black market,” Koa informed GameSpot after the presentation of those new options. “When Pokemon Go first came out, people were selling accounts online, and when trading comes out, we don’t want the same thing to happen with like, ‘perfect’ Dragonites or something. And this is one way to prevent that.”

“You can still get stronger Pokemon, though,” she defined additional. “Like I was mentioning with the friendship level, you can trade low IV Pokemon, and then maybe it will become something special when it gets to your phone.” The probability of that happening–versus the choice, which is buying and selling a Pokemon with good stats and having them turn into worse–depends in your friendship degree, she stated.

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(As a facet be aware, Koa additionally offered an fascinating glimpse at how Niantic communicates about this stuff internally, versus how the corporate speaks about them publicly: “We call them IVs internally, but since it’s not communicated in the game, we don’t really want to say IVs [in public]because we want to be friendly to casual users,” she informed GameSpot.)

It’s not all limiting. You can get a Pokemon sweet bonus when buying and selling Pokemon that will increase primarily based on how distant the Pokemon have been caught. Niantic confirmed an instance the place one participant traded a Dratini caught over 100km away and acquired three sweet. You can even change a Pokemon’s nickname even after receiving it in a commerce.

More To Come

Niantic stated there are extra options associated to buddies and buying and selling coming this yr. One factor they need to implement is sending buddy requests by way of social networks, together with Facebook. Their purpose is to make Pokemon Go “the most sociable game in the world,” in response to the sport’s international product advertising supervisor, Kento Suga.

“Implementing trades for this type of game is very, very difficult, so we believe that this is the best way to be fair to the users, and safe for the users, and also fun for the users,” Suga stated. “This is just the first step of implementing new social related features. There are more and more coming later this year.”

“Friends and trading is a really important aspect of the Pokemon franchise, so leading the implementation of these features has been one of the most exciting–but stressful–points of my career,” Koa stated, explaining that she performed the unique video games and traded Pokemon playing cards with family and friends as a child. “We wanted to make sure that we got things right. We needed to take into account how to introduce trading into this game, where exploring new places is really important to the game balance. We didn’t want to mess with that. I hope we came up with something that’s enjoyable and natural and safe for our users.”

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