Pokemon go tips and recommendation for brand spanking new gamers

Pokemon go tips and recommendation for brand spanking new gamers

We have featured plenty of Pokemon Go cheats and many of amazing pokemon go tricks, though some of them won’t work any longer due to various apps going down or other reasons specially Pokemon mapping feature.


The Poke Ball Thrower, seen in the following image, is a contraption made of a cardboard box and sticky notes to help you launch Pokeballs to perfection. The cheat can come in handy especially considering that a current bug helps Pokemon escape at higher rates than before. Here are instructions on how to make one.


The Pokemon Egg Incubator is a trick the helps you pretend like you’re walking, and it’s required to fool the game into thinking you’re actually out and about. All you have to do is strap the phone to a ceiling fan, and your eggs will hatch or just use a bot.


The Battery Pack Pokedex is a do-it-yourself smartphone case the includes an external battery case. You can build it yourself, but if you’re really lazy, just pick an external battery and put it in your pocket.

Fourth :-

The Pokemon bot is something more difficult. Crafty developers created Pokemon Go bots that walk the map for you, collecting items. It’s not clear if it’ll work considering Niantic’s recent moves against map apps and third party app.


There’s a GPS spoofing setup that lets you pretend you’re anywhere in the world. We’ve already covered a similar product that works on jailbroken iPhones, but this one should go with any mobile device. However, you’ll need to invest some $300 in extra equipment to make it work or just play like some other genuine players.

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