pokemon go – What precisely are the “new encounter mechanics”?

pokemon go - What precisely are the "new encounter mechanics"?

According to this datamine of the latest APKthere are a pair mechanical modifications to encounters.

Code has appeared fleshing out the CRITICAL CATCH mechanic which first appeared within the earlier APK however has not been carried out. The following parts now seem:


I cannot verify whether or not these have truly been carried out or not but, however based on this Silph Road reddit threadthey’ve been:

Critical catches have been carried out. You know it is a vital catch when the ball instantly drops on the bottom after hitting the Pokémon and has four rays of sunshine leaving upwards in a zig zag movement.

Additionally, as @Rapitor has talked about within the feedback on the query and as I’ve personally witnessed already, Pokémon now transfer in additional instructions than as much as mess up your throws. They can transfer side-to-side (which sadly makes their CP go off-screen if in case you have AR-mode turned off). From that very same datamine, it appears there are different states that they are often in:

It seems the way in which Pokémon work together throughout wild encounters has been upgraded. There at the moment are a number of motion varieties at play moderately than simply ‘wait’, ‘soar,’ and ‘assault’:


According to the identical Reddit thread as above that confirmed vital captures, it seems that totally different Pokémon have a tendency to maneuver in numerous patterns (in all probability explains the naming conventions chosen):

Pokémon transfer in new methods throughout the catch sequence. Ledyba will transfer in a “V” movement, whereas Qwilfish will transfer sideways kind left to proper, with their catch circles following them. Other customers on this similar thread additionally report new actions for gen 1 Pokémon like Venonat or Abra.

Another change price mentioning is that you’re nonetheless solely in a position to make use of a single berry at a time throughout a Pokémon encounter, as talked about within the (similar) Reddit thread:

You can solely use 1 berry at a time on a Pokémon. So no, you’ll be able to’t use a razz + a nanab on a Pokémon. The energetic berry is used as an icon on the Pokémon. Once the icon disappear, on a failed catch try, you should utilize an one other berry.

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