POKEMON-Inspired Butt Bookmarks Are Real and You Want Them

POKEMON-Inspired Butt Bookmarks Are Real and You Want Them

The love of Nintendo‘s Pokémon series has reached an all-time high thanks to the Pokémon Go app. At the very least, it’s reached a height in the mainstream zeitgeist in a way not seen since the first game and anime took over everything in the late ’90s. And even though there are over many games, 900 episodes of the show, dozens of movies, and hundreds upon hundreds of Pokémon all together, it is the 151 pocket monsters from Generation 1 that still still have our heart captured. So much so that we’d be willing to buy their butt on a bookmark.

An artist named Olena Mysnyk living in Ukraine has begun making and selling a tribute to several of the best original Pokémon by having their butts adorn a bookmark—so that it looks as though the little critters are burrowing into the bottom of whatever book you’re reading. And you can be real specific too; for instance, if you’re reading The Goblet of Fire, you can throw Charmander’s butt in there, and if you’re reading The Hunt for Red October, you can make Squirtle dive in. (Think about it.)

The bookmarks will be available beginning August 15 but pre-orders are being taken now. These aren’t official Pokémon swag, but these polymer clay, acrylic paint, and metal hand-made sculpts are really delightful and will make for hilarious conversation starters and just neat things to have around. You can find these little guys, plus more of Olena Mysnyk’s pop culture stuff on her Etsy site. And you can find more pictures in the gallery below!

Tell us which Pokébutts you’d like to have in your book in the comments below.

Here’s all the “improvements” to Pokémon Go:

Images: Olena Mysnyk

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