Pokemon – Mega-Houndoom-EX (22/162) – XY BREAKthrough – Holo

Pokemon - Mega-Houndoom-EX (22/162) - XY BREAKthrough - Holo

In the Pokemon Trading Card Game, gamers construct decks round their favourite Pokemon after which play in opposition to one another, sending their Pokemon into battle to show who the perfect Pokemon Trainer is. Players can start with theme decks – pre-constructed decks designed to cowl the fundamentals of the sport. Then, they’ll increase their card collections with booster packs that present extra playing cards, letting gamers develop extra various decks. With hundreds of playing cards to select from, the sport is rarely the identical twice.

Card Name: Mega-Houndoom-EX

Card Type: Fire

Card Number: 22/162

Artist: 5ban Graphics

Weakness: Water

Stage: Mega

Set: BREAKthrough

HP: 210

Retreat Cost: 1

Price: $8

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