Pokemon Movies 1-Three (Limited Edition Collection) (Blu-ray)

Pokemon Movies 1-3 (Limited Edition Collection) (Blu-ray)

“2000: The Power Of One” – In the Orange Islands far south of Kanto, a Trainer named Lawrence is on a sinister quest: catching the Legendary Pokemon Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres in an try to awaken Lugia, guardian of the ocean! When Ash and pals arrive, the islanders ask him to collect three elemental orbs from completely different islands. As the climate the world over goes uncontrolled, it turns into clear that the seize of the Legendary trio has thrown the atmosphere out of stability! With Lugia’s assist, can Ash discover the orbs, restore the stability, and be the “chosen one’ that everyone turns to? “Spell Of The Unown” – A crystal catastrophe is unleashed upon Greenfield, and Ash, Pikachu, and friends must figure out how to undo the damage to the once-beautiful town. But the unthinkable happens when Ash’s mother is kidnapped by the powerful Entei, a Pokemon thought to have existed only in legend. Now Ash must go to her rescue, uncertain of what he’ll uncover when he unlocks the real secret power behind the unbelievable turn of events: a young girl whose dream world is being turned into a nightmarish reality by the mysterious and unstoppable Unown! “The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back” – The adventure explodes into action with the debut of Mewtwo, a bio-engineered Pokemon created from the DNA of Mew, the rarest of all Pokemon. After escaping from the lab where it was created, Mewtwo is determined to prove its own superiority. It lures as number of talented Trainers into a Pokemon battle like never before-and of course, Ash and his friends are happy to accept the challenge! Ash’s excitement turns to fear and anger when Mewtwo reveals its plan for domination, creating powerful clones of our heroes’ Pokemon so it can even the “imbalance” between Pokemon and their Trainers. Despite Ash’s protests, Mewtwo simply might need to rethink… particularly when pitted in opposition to the ability of the mysterious Mew!.

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