PokeTricks: How to Get Unlimited Lucky Eggs and Incense!

PokeTricks: How to Get Unlimited Lucky Eggs and Incense!



Lucky Eggs and Incense are the two of the most popular items in Pokemon Go. Combining these two items definitely speeds up the leveling process since Incense attracts more Pokemon for you to catch, and Lucky Eggs doubles your XP for 30 minutes however both of these are costly and we are here to help with this.



However you should be quick because this will get patched soon, this trick was found by redmonpie.com and all you have to do is follow the steps carefully down below and you’ll be on your way!


Step 1: At first, you’ll need to use the items in normal ways. Simply use the Lucky Egg to gain double XP for the next 30 minutes, or use the Incense to attract Pokemon towards your location. You can either use both these items together or use one at a time.

Step 2: After the Step 1 is completed, exit the Pokemon Go app and move over to the ‘Settings’ option of your Android or iOS device. Go to the ‘date and time’ setting in the ‘Settings’ option.

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