Pokemon Center Official Nintendo Black And White Plush Stuffed Toy – 7″ Yanappu/Pansage


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  • Official plush from Pokemon Center Japan
  • Cute and collectible
  • Perfect as a gift for all Pokemon fans
  • Limited availability
  • As with many US sold products, this plush was manufacturered in China
A Pokemon Center is a retail store that sells official Pokemon merchandise. Japanese stores are operated by The Pokemon Company, while mall kiosks in the Seattle, Washington, area of the United States are run by The Pokemon Company International. Pokemon Center stores sell many kinds of Pokemon merchandise. This includes Pokemon games, TCG cards, anime videos and DVDs, manga volumes, CDs, and a wide array of products such as clothes, accessories, bedding, sporting equipment, dishes, musical instruments, and toys. Poke Doll, originally known as Pokemon PlushPlush, is a line of plush toys released in Japan by The Pokemon Company and in the United States by The Pokemon Company International. A smaller number of them have been released in the United Kingdom under the name Pokemon Mini Plush. They are named after an in-game item and designed as chibi versions of various Pokemon. Normal Poke Dolls usually stand about 6 inches tall, but some Pokemon are available in larger 12 inch versions or as smaller plush keychains. Poke Dolls are sold at Pokemon Center retail and online stores, the Nintendo World Store in New York City, and Pokemon Center kiosks in select U.S. malls. They were formerly available at the Mitsukoshi store in Epcot’s Japan pavilion at Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida. All Poke Dolls have not been released in the United States. As of early 2016, select Poke Dolls have been available for purchase at some Target retail locations.

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