Pokemon Go: Pokemon Go Quick Guide Tips, Tricks, and More (Pokemon Go, Pokemon Go Guide, Pokemon Go Tips) (Volume 1)


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Pokemon Go is the latest and greatest game that is available. By bringing in one of the most popular game characters that have been around since the 90s and combining it with the latest gaming technology and the ability to catch the Pokemon characters in real life. The biggest advantage of this game is that instead of sitting in front of the computer or television screen to play the game, you need to leave your house and be active, choosing to walk or ride a bike to catch more Pokemon and win the game.

This Pokemon guidebook is going to spend time explaining all of the different tips and tricks that you need in order to see success with the Pokemon Go universe. Whether you are someone who has been with the Pokemon world since it first came out in the 90s or you are interested in learning what all this new commotion is about, this guidebook is going to have all of the tips and tricks that you need to see some success.

Every tip that you need to be successful in Pokemon Go is available in this game. You will learn which devices and equipment are needed to get the game started, how to set up your account and character, and even how to use the map to find the Pokemon and to navigate through your area. Once you have everything set up with this game, it is time to get playing; taking the time to wander through your area, build up your level, battle against other players to get higher levels, and so much more.

There is so much to learn when it comes to the Pokemon Go universe in order to do well. Some of the things that we will discuss in this book include:

  • What is Pokemon Go and how does it work?
  • What you will need in order to get started.
  • Learning some of the controls so that you can see success.
  • How to go up the different levels.
  • How the battles work and where you need to be before even battling.
  • Where you will be able to find the different Pokemon.
  • How Pokemon Evolution works and why you should strive for as many evolutions as possible.
  • Pokemon Eggs and why they can be lucky or bad.
  • How to be safe when you play Pokemon Go.
  • Bonus tips to make you as successful as possible, even as a beginner.

Pokemon Go is really an amazing game that millions of people are starting to enjoy. It was an overnight sensation and it seems like everyone is rushing around, trying to find the best way to enjoy this game and get to the highest level possible. While you may have never played one of the Pokemon games in the past, that is no reason to avoid this newest Pokemon Go and miss all of the fun. Use this guidebook to get started on your Pokemon adventure and see just how much fun this new universe can be.

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