Pokemon Go: Pokemon Go The Next Level Guide (Pokemon Go Guide, Pokemon Go for Kindle, Pokemon Go Tips, Pokemon Go The Ultimate Guide) (Volume 1)


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Pokémon GO

With Pokémon GO the dreams of many to actually enter the world of Pokémon and become a trainer of their choosing have come true.
As you would expect with a game that relies on augmenting reality and placing you fully in its world there is no rule book.
It is up to us Pokémon trainers to find out where the best Pokémon are hidden, how to fill our backpacks with goodies, and how to become the most powerful gym leader in town.
Doing this alone would take months or even years, but you don’t have to do it alone, which is where this book comes in to help.
All the game gives us is a few vague tutorials and a handful of Pokéballs to start our quest. This is where we start with a comprehensive guide to basic controls and the not so basic controls. You will be taught how to land the perfect curve ball and how to make sure you get the most out of every Pokéstop.
Discover the games many different items, how to get hold of them for free, which to spend your money on, and never run low on potions or Pokéballs. Pokémon GO is free-to-play and we believe it should stay free.
Find out how to track down the rarest Pokémon and where you are most likely to find them in the world with the latest information on their whereabouts.
Carefully sum up which eggs to focus your steps on and the best ways of getting them to hatch quickly.
Don’t just get the facts and hidden statistics about which Pokémon hit hardest and which have the most stamina. We take you through the ultimate line-up to fill out your Pokémon team and what to consider when choosing who to train, who to evolve, and who to transfer.
Each Pokémon in this game is unique and you need to weigh up their secret stats, the best move sets, their weight and size, and how to calculate their true combat potential.
Leveling up your character is a new feature to Pokémon games. Getting five million XP on your own is going to take its toll. Find out the best strategies to boost your levels quickly and legitimately and avoid wasting your precious stardust too early.
With insight and clarity you will be given a comprehensive and easy-to-follow reference guide to mastering Pokémon GO.

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