Pokemon Go: The Complete Handbook: Catching, Battling and Evolving Your Pokémon


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Sick of scouring the web for tips? We’ve created the one book that contains everything you need to know to go from a Pokémon Go Rookie to Master Trainer!

Do you want to minimize the time it takes to level up? Want to gain 65,000 XP per hour? Power Leveling Strategies will help you fly past your friends’ levels!

Want to learn the secret technique to spot which Pokémon are the strongest? The new Pokémon Appraisal System is explained, and how to obtain more exact values. Reveal which Pokémon are truly the strongest!

If any these questions are on your mind, then you’ve come to the right place!

Within you will learn:

  • Exactly what Pokémon Go is!
  • Where to get the Official game
  • Navigating the world of Pokémon Go
  • How to Catch Pokémon
  • How to Battle
  • Controlling Gyms
  • In Game Items
  • In Game Purchases
  • Tips for Expert Play
  • Power Leveling Tips
  • CPs, IVs and Pokémon Base Values
  • Rewards and Unlocks

And much more!

Also included is a bonus section listing all Pokémon currently in the game!

Don’t wait any longer, join the fun and make rapid progress with this guide!

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