Pokemon Go: The Ultimate Tips & Tricks Guide To Become A Pokemon Go Master (Pokemon Go Guide- Pokemon Go Game- Pokemon Go Tips- Pokemon Go Hacks- Pokemon Go Memes- Pokemon Books)


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Become A Pokemon Master Today!

Do you want to keep wasting time trying to level, or do you want to learn the Top-Secret Hacks? The game of Pokemon Go recently released and it has already taken the world by storm. Take a walk down your neighborhood park and you will see dozens of people staring at their phones catching Pokemon. There is a lot of competition, and there are specific strategies that you can learn to have an advantage over your competition. We will go over a complete walk-through of how to play Pokemon Go, so that if you are a beginner, you can quickly learn the ropes and advance, or if you are more experienced, you can learn strategies to level your Pokemon and trainer faster than your peers.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Pokemon Types – Techniques for Catching Pokemon – The Correct Way to Track Pokemon – How to Catch High Level Pokemon – User Interface Guide – How to Use Pokemon Items – The Elite Teams – Pokestops – How to Level Up Your Trainer – Pokemon Weaknesses and Strengths – Advanced Techniques & Tactics And Much Much More!

Why You Should Buy This Book

If you have been struggling to effectively raise your Pokemon’s CP, hustling to catch enough Pokemon to evolve, or are having trouble leading and keeping a gym, this book is for you! This manual is recommended for kids and adults of all ages. This manual is for beginners to the advanced. We bear no grudges; this manual is recommended for Team Valor, Team Mystic, and Team Instinct. With the latest data mining techniques, this book covers MANY features and secrets that your average player does not know. Whether you are just beginning to learn how to play or you are an advanced player, this unofficial game guide will help you become a Pokémon Master in no time.

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