PVP? New Leagues? Lets discuss storage packing containers! : pokemongo

PVP? New Leagues? Lets discuss storage packing containers! : pokemongo

Hi all,

With the joy that comes together with pvp coming to our favourite cellular recreation, it’s now time to speak about pokemon storages once more and why we’d like them, so I made an inventory of something you may gather within the recreation proper now:

– 143 shiny’s

– 12 shiny’s (hats and glasses)

– 429 launched pokemon.

– 427 ‘Lucky’ variations. With the exception of Mew, Celebi

If you need to gather all completely different sprites named above the full quantity of storage used up could be 1019. That is over 50% of the present accessible storage with out even mentioning the completely different trying sprites of female and male pokemon.

Now moreover accumulating those named above there’s a choose group of individuals accumulating the next, to start out off you’ll desire a good battle celebration of every typing, contemplating you need to take down gymnasium’s very fast. There is a complete of 18 completely different typing in Pokemon go.

– 108 completely different sort attackers.

– Max 2500 CP pokemon

– Max 1500 CP pokemon

– Legacy transfer pokemon (mewtwo, SC gengar, group day strikes)

– High degree mons for buying and selling with pals

– Regionals for buying and selling with pals,

– 28 several types of unows (Trading every one among them with a pal takes up a month)

– 100 % trophy mons

– zero% trophy mons

– Old pokemon for buying and selling

– 10 CP assortment

– Male / Female assortment

– 666 CP assortment

– Evolution pokemon ( Weedles, caterpies, whismurs, pidgeys) for fortunate eggs

Looking on the above makes me really feel like we’re actual hoarders, so to make issues extra organized or not it’s actual helpfull to offer us pokemon packing containers like the principle video games do.


– Literally none.

What are your thought’s?

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