QOL Improvement Suggestion for Eggs : TheSilphRoad

QOL Improvement Suggestion for Eggs : TheSilphRoad

I am positive these subjects have been mentioned earlier than, however given the current egg occasions, figured I would increase towards. There are two easy modifications Niantic might make to vastly enhance the egg expertise in Pokemon Go.

  1. Turn off the opening animation, or make it an possibility to not view it. Any egg-opening may very well be signaled similar to receiving sweet or spinning a Pokestop. Honestly, that is probably the most infuriating a part of the sport because it actually interrupts any motion or window. So should you’re making an attempt to hitch a raid with seconds left, click on on a Pokemon earlier than you Go+ grabs it, and many others. This would make gameplay way more pleasing.

  2. Allow you to lock Incubator slots so no new eggs had been positioned there, after which unlock them as you want. Again for issues like ready for presents from pals, or flipside, not wanting a present egg to take a spot however nonetheless eager to open, this may assist a ton. Another possibility is the flexibility to toss eggs, however this appears higher in the event that they wish to preserve the random aspect of eggs within the sport.

Likely neither ever will get carried out however this occasion has me dreaming it might!

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