Running With PoGo+

Running With PoGo+

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The Silph Road is a grassroots network of Pokémon GO™ trainers.

What does it do?

The Silph Road enables coordinating long-distance trades for exotic Pokémon.

Sweet. How do I join?
  1. Read the stickied thread
  2. Subscribe (above) and assign yourself the correct subreddit flair via the sidebar. (Important: so we can contact you!)
  3. You’ll receive a reddit message with an access code, inviting you to join the Silph Road’s alpha test when our web-based system is launched.

For now, we also recommend subscribing to the subreddit (above) and if you’re on Twitter, follow the handle @TheSilphRoad. We’ll be announcing updates in both places.

Our Mission

Though Pokémon GO™ is out, trading has yet to be implemented. We can begin organizing now and hit the ground with trade routes in-tact and operational.

Join us and help us build trade routes around the world!

But We Don’t Even Know ____!

We know enough. Repeated statements from Pokémon GO™ creators confirm in-person trading and geo-scarcity. Read this for a quick example of this subreddit’s opinion on whether trading/scarcity will exist in Pokémon GO™.

Questions About Pokémon GO™

For a list of all confirmed information about Pokémon GO™, we recommend checking out the Pokemon GO FAQ Wiki.

Safe travels, friend!

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Jul 5 Pokemon GO begins to roll out to Google Play and iOS app stores
Jun 16 Nintendo broadcasts Pokemon Demonstration from E3
Jun 7 Second wave of US field testers accepted in US (Pacific Coast)
Jun 4 Niantic releases v0.25 to field testers. CP ‘boosting’ now live.
May 25 Niantic opens the field test to US testers.
May 16 Niantic announces the field test will expand to the US within the month.
May 7 Niantic releases v0.21 to field testers. The Shop now live.
Apr 25 Niantic expands field test to Australia/New Zealand.
Apr 14 Niantic releases v0.17 to field testers. Battling & Gyms now live.
Apr 7 Niantic announces the Field Test will expand to Australia and New Zealand “later this month.”
Mar 28 Niantic opens Japan Field Test.
Mar 24 Niantic/Nintendo shares information on basic game mechanics.
Mar 3 Niantic announces Japan beta in late March. Opens registration. And files US Trademark.
Feb 25 Pokémon Go is looking good. We’ll share more details with the world soon. There certainly are a lot of fans.– John Hanke, CEO
Dec 16 Extensive Interview with Niantic
Sep 10 Original Press Release Announcing Pokemon GO
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