Show image on iPhone camera like pokemon go

Show image on iPhone camera like pokemon go

Seems you need to customize Camera using AVFoundation framework.

  1. Create your own and customized CameraViewController(Like UIIMagePickerController) and add capture button(and other as per your requirement) by using the AVFoundation framework.
  2. Add a UIImageView like an object with your desired frame and add it to the created CameraViewController,Hide the image view initially/take a default picture for the first time.
  3. When user taps on capture button you’ve created earlier,Ask AVFoundation APIs to capture image and assign the image produced by AVFoundation classes to your image view,un-hide it(as per your need).

There you go,Every time user taps capture image button,Your image view will be updated with the last captured image,will not be updated according to the user movement.

References that could help you on Camera Customization

Apple Developer

Camera with Custom View

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