Some Lucky Users Are Able To Access A New Tracker For Pokemon GO

Some Lucky Users Are Able To Access A New Tracker For Pokemon GO

The good news for Pokemon GO players everywhere is that Niantic has finally released an improved tracking feature as part of their latest update for the game. The bad news is that you will likely not be able to access it just yet. 

As part of Pokemon GO version 1.3.0 (an update released recently for iOS), Niantic has added a “variation of the ‘Nearby Pokemon’ feature with a subset of users,” as it is worded on the version’s notes. This is by far the most impressive build of this feature the game has included thus far as it now allows for players to not only see which Pokemon are nearby but will let them view the exact position that these Pokemon may be found at as it relates to their current location.

Unlike some third-party apps that performed a similar function, it does not appear that the new tracker is currently supporting step-by-step GPS directions to these locations, however. 

Actually, for most users, Pokemon GO is not supporting any new tracking features at all. It’s not currently known how many users have access to this new version of the tracking feature, but it does appear that it is not available to the majority of players. Niantic seems to be using the current player base that is able to use this tracker as a test market, and it’s likely that this version of the function is not the final build.  

Still, from what has been shown of it so far by users who were granted access, it does represent a significant step in the right direction. 

Those iOS users who are not able to access this feature currently will still be able to enjoy improved curveball accuracy, fixed bonuses for quality throws, a one-time option to change your nickname, and a re-enabled battery saver mode which were all made publically available as part of this update. 

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