Squirtle vanished from my Pokemon Go record?

Squirtle vanished from my Pokemon Go record?

I do know and perceive that Pokemon Go has main points proper now, with reference to server overloads and so forth with its grand opening. However, I’m at the moment freaking out as a result of two of my Squirtles have vanished from my captured Pokemon record! I caught one 2 days in the past and one earlier at the moment.

What’s stranger is that my Charmander has magically modified its personal identify to Chinchilla by some means as properly! I’ve solely seen it now after managing to go online (after just a few hours with the servers being overloaded).

Has anybody else skilled this? Should I chill out and wait until tomorrow to double test?


I’ve the identical state of affairs as final evening. I’ve learnt to simply accept it however I am hoping to possibly discover one other Squirtle some day… And I renamed my Charmander again. Only my companion lives with me and he would not use it so I doubt he would have performed round with it.

Squirtle appeared once more, and I managed to seize one to make up for the lacking 2, and luck would have it that I managed to catch a Wartortle too!

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