[Story] I Had One of Those Moments

[Story] I Had One of Those Moments

I used to be simply on considered one of my late evening walks round my school campus. The climate was cool and somewhat wet however in any other case good. Nothing particular confirmed up on my radar, largely Hoothoot and Ledyba, so I largely stocked up on Pidgey and completed one other podcast.

A little bit earlier than 1:00 AM I get again to my buddy’s residence, the place I keep generally keep, and sit within the kitchen transferring and tidying my stock. I modify apps making an attempt to begin a brand new episode to hearken to earlier than I head to sleep, however out of behavior I reopen Pokemon Go to see what’s close by.


I almost misplaced my thoughts. When the Valentine’s Day occasion was happening I had solely been seen and caught two Chansey. After that I had accepted the truth that I might in all probability by no means get a Blissey of my very own. Still in shock, I started the encounter understanding I had my “just in case” stash of Ultra Balls, 16 of them, and over 50 Razz Berries. I felt assured, however as quickly as I touched the display for my first throw and noticed the darkish crimson circle round Blissey I knew how this was going to finish. I missed throws and Blissey jumped over or escaped from the whole lot I threw. Then I ran out of Ultra Balls.

I used to be having a kind of moments…

Knowing there have been solely 40 cash to my title, I jumped up, slipped on my sneakers and ran up the highway. There’s a circuit of eight PokeStops on campus a couple of quarter mile away from the residence. I hit every cease spinning them with out stopping. I sprinted again to my buddy’s residence undecided if the Blissey had despawned.


Somehow luck was nonetheless on my aspect, I began my second encounter with 32 Poke Balls, eight Great Balls, and four Ultra Balls, not even near as many Ultra Balls as I had hoped for. This time I made a decision to take my time, I threw a Poke ball first follow my purpose, however after one shake, then a second, my mouth dropped. I threw a couple of extra Poke Balls and shakes continued, so with my confidence excessive I tossed a Razz Berry and a Great Ball at Blissey. After the third shake, I flew out of my seat and punched the air like I used to be again in Daycare (It was very laborious to remain quiet).


Sweating, nonetheless cranked up on adrenaline after sprinting round my school campus till 1:30 AM a loopy thought hit me. I snuck upstairs and stole my buddy’s iPhone from the charger on her mattress. She’s an off-the-cuff participant, however hasn’t touched the sport since Gen 2 got here out which labored out nice as a result of she had a bag with greater than 70 nice balls, 40 extremely balls, and 90 Razz Berries. This time, it was a breeze.


Now we each have matching Blissey!

So yeah, after seven months of taking part in Pokemon Go I lastly had a kind of moments.

TLDR: A Blissey spawned in my buddy’s residence after I completed a Pokemon Go stroll at 1:00 AM. I ran out of Poke Balls making an attempt to catch it and sprinted round my school campus to restock. When I acquired again the Blissey was nonetheless there, I caught it, then I stole my sleeping buddy’s cellphone to catch it for her too!

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