Submitting a Pokestop – More than what Niantic tells you : pokemongo

Submitting a Pokestop - More than what Niantic tells you : pokemongo

As an ingress participant who has been submitting portals with the purpose of making extra pokestops, I’ve gained a whole lot of expertise with submissions and their pointers. Here are a number of assets You can use to assist when submitting pokestops.

First, right here is the Pokemon GO what makes a high-quality pokestop pointers. No doubt most Pogo gamers have seen this already.

Next, right here is the information Ingress portal reviewers obtain when reviewing portals. Portals are Ingress’s model of Pokestops. The precise webpage is simply accessible to stage 12+ Ingress brokers who’ve handed the reviewer check. They fee portal candidates on a 5-star system, so the upper the celebrities, the higher probability it turns into a pokestop.

In addition, right here is the coaching video portal reviewers watch earlier than taking the reviewer check that’s linked within the above doc.

For extra up to date pointers, Here is a google doc of what pokestops/portals must be rejected and accepted primarily based on the reviewer FAQ above and compiled solutions from AMAs of ingress neighborhood managers.

Not all Portals in Ingress develop into Pokestops in Pokemon Go. There can solely be one non-sponsored pokestop per S2 Level 17 cell as described right here. To ensure you do not waste a submission by submitting a pokestop that’s already a portal, examine the Ingress Intel Map or examine in particular person with the Ingress App. (You’ll have to make an ingress account to make use of each.) And you may examine S2 stage 17 cells in your space with

Lastly, Portals (and presently, pokestops) have their location accuracy confirmed by google road view, so in case your submissions can’t be seen on there, it is best to submit a photograph sphere utilizing the google road view app to allow them to be seen by reviewers. Otherwise it’s more likely to be rejected. When submitting photospheres, for those who’re cellphone cannot monitor what path it is pointing, all the time take the primary picture sphere image pointing north.

Hopefully this helps with understanding what makes pokestop and what you van additional do enhance your possibilities of getting your submission improved! Ingress is releasing a brand new model of the app referred to as Ingress Prime later this yr and gamers are uncertain if that is going to impact Portal Reviewing in any respect, so make sure to keep up to date on any information about it! Let me know if there may be anything I missed that I ought to add! Hope this helps!

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