Pokemon GO Analysis

PvP Team Building Tips | Pokemon GO

PvP is coming quickly to Pokemon GO. In this video I go over some staff constructing and metagaming suggestions to achieve success at PvP in Pokemon GO. If you aren’t conscious, there are three completely different PvP Leagues you may take part in: Master League (limitless), Ultra League (2500 CP), and Great League (1500 CP). This coupled with Pokemon GO’s climate system suggests you’ll needn’t simply 1 however a number

Pokemon GO in 2018 | Info Guide for Returning Players

If you understand any returning gamers searching for recommendation, please share this playlist hyperlink with them! Proceeding the announcement of Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee, many trainers are reinstalling Pokemon GO after 12 months lengthy hiatuses. In the previous 12 months, Pokemon GO has modified dramatically, including many new options similar to raids, the Gym re-work, EX raids, quests, and climate -and all of the Alolan