The BEST Community Day in JAPAN 😍 Pokémon Go

The BEST Community Day in JAPAN 😍 Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go Shiny Endive
Lets Play Pokémon GO Shiny Endive
Pokémon GO German Endive Event

Rainer develops your Evoli to Aquana (water),
Sparky develops your Evoli into Blitza (Electric),
Pyro evolves your Evoli to Flamara (hearth),
Sakura develops your Evoli to Psiana (Psycho)
and Tamao develops your Evoli into Nachtara (Unlicht).

Or you do it like this:
Choose the Evoli you wish to develop as a buddy.
Run ten kilometers and accumulate two candies together with your buddy. Important: This can be true throughout occasions the place you might have a candy for lower than 5 kilometers.
If you develop your buddy through the day, you’ll obtain a Psiana, a Nachtara at evening. You can use this trick as many occasions as you need.

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