This POKEMON GO Knockoff Is Absolutely Terrifying

This POKEMON GO Knockoff Is Absolutely Terrifying

Fan projects based on existing intellectual properties are usually a fun display of passion that unfortunately get taken down for legitimate legal reasons, like this just-released Pokémon fan game that took nine years to complete but has been removed after a few days online. Then there are the projects that use an established name in an effort to wrongfully make some money for themselves, and oh boy, is this Pokémon Go knockoff wrong in a myriad of ways.

Believe it or not, but in the photo above is Pikachu, or at least something that’s supposed to be like it. That’s a screenshot from an Android game called Pokeball Coach for Pokemon Go, created by Chinese developer Rejected Games: FPS Adventure & Sport Simulation Adventure, and the bootleg Pokémon characters are ridiculously bad and creepy.

Just look at poor, malnourished Snorlax:

To be fair, there’s a legitimate reason this game exists: With recent Pokémon Go updates that have made catching Pokémon more challenging, players have wanted a practice mode to learn how to best and most accurately flick Pokéballs. The official game doesn’t provide such a mode, so leave it to third-party developers. This game has presumably been caught red-handed for copyright issues, so it re-branded as Ball Practice for PoGO, and the Pokémon have been replaced with less nightmare-inducing pandas and turtles and whatnot.

Feel free to give the re-skinned Ball Practice app a download if your flick game could use some work, although reviews of the app are mixed, so maybe don’t lean too heavily on it.

It’s time to go all Pokémon: Sun and Moon up in this piece!

Images: Rejected Games: FPS Adventure & Sport Simulation Adventure

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