Top 10 Strongest Pokemon After The Update

Top 10 Strongest Pokemon After The Update

Top 10 Strongest Pokemon In Pokemon Go!


This list of the Top 10 Pokemon is based off the combined stats each Pokemon has, as’well use in battle effectively, making it them the top Pokemon in our new favorite game Pokemon GO. If you liked this list, or have these Pokemon please comment on any top 5 list you would like to see about Pokemon.

10. Exeggutor

It’s the only grass type Pokemon in the top 10, which means it’s probably your best bet for beating the water Pokemon you’ll find hanging out at gyms. This is of’course, if you have one with Zen Headbutt and Solar Beam.

9. Gyarados

The 9th spot on the list is the 400 Magikarp evolved Gyarados, and who can blame people for wanting this bad boy? You’ve got the 9th strongest Pokemon in the game. Make sure you have one with Dragon Breath and Hydro Pump.

8. Blastoise

Blastoise is the only starter Pokemon to make this list, as he’s the only Pokemon from the start list with enough defensive stats to hang on this list. So if you got a Blastoise with Water gun & Hyrdo Pump then congrats on the #8 Pokemon in the game.

7. Arcanine

Arcanine is personally one of my favorite Pokemon of all time, If I could make a list of my top 10 favorite pokemon which i’ll do later; then he’d pretty much be my #1 Pokemon choice.  To have the best possible Arcanine you need the moves Fire Fang and Fire Blast. I recommend this Pokemon for Anyone who has a massive amount of growlithe.

6. Lapras

The strongest water type in the game if you can get it with Frost Breath and Blizzard, it’s considered the 3rd strongest Pokemon behind the legendaries and Dragonite! Lapras is an amazing Pokemon and is most rememberable for me during Pokemon Yellow when I got him after beating Gary at the Silph Road co. Building.

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