Top Pokémon Go participant will get burned by EX Raid invite

Top Pokémon Go participant will get burned by EX Raid invite

Pokémon Go’s tweaked unique Raid battle system seems to have constructive outcomes for gamers up to now, with many reporting that they’ve acquired their first- or second-ever invites to take part within the selective fitness center battles. One of these gamers is likely one of the recreation’s best-known personalities, who has publicly criticized the invite-only battles earlier than — however his pleasure at receiving an EX Raid cross got here with an enormous caveat.

Last Friday, big-time YouTuber Reversal uploaded a video about receiving an unique Raid cross, which the developer doles out to certified trainers on a seemingly random foundation. This was a giant get for the participant; he’s spoken earlier than about needing to take a break from Pokémon Go after getting burned by the broadly panned EX Raid invite system numerous occasions earlier than.

“I saw a message popping up at the top of my screen,” he mentioned, organising the video. “It says, ‘You received a ticket to attend a special event.’ Is this an EX Raid pass? I don’t know.”

Indeed it’s. But as a substitute of freaking out about getting the possibility to seize Mewtwo after months of being shut out, Reversal’s face instantly falls. First, he’s undecided that he’s ever even visited the fitness center the place Niantic says he should go to participate within the EX Raid; the battles happen at predetermined fitness center places and at mounted occasions. Some gamers discovered as of the sport’s newest model replace that their invitations have been good at gyms that they had been to solely as soon as, with some being impossibly distant.

After realizing that he had simply as soon as visited the fitness center the place his EX Raid could be held, Reversal reveals the true draw back of the invite.

“The issue is that I’m going to be in the United States during this EX Raid,” Reversal mentioned, holding his face in his fingers.

That’s the tragedy of the EX Raid battle system. If you’re not going to be round for the extraordinarily restricted window throughout the combat, you received’t be capable of get that Mewtwo you want on your Pokédex. And since Niantic continues to make its choice course of obscure, there’s no telling when and even if you happen to’ll ever get one other invitation.

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