What is the Best Pokemon Go Bot

What is the Best Pokemon Go Bot

Best Pokemon Go Bot

There are a lot of bots available on the internet. The question lies: “ Which one is the best Pokemon Go Bot for me?”

Here, we believe the following is the best working Pokemon Go Bot.


The best bot for complete beginners to Visual basic programming. This bot can be run by everyone, with no complications.


Here is an example of the Walk settings

  • Next, go to Pokemon Settings tab.
  • If you have a busy life and want to evolve the pokemons you have caught so far, to gain XP, select the pokemons you want to evolve as per your wish. The Catch selected shows a list of all the pokemons which will be caught by the bot. It will reject the rest. The Transfer selected will transfer all your pokemons caught to Professor and give you XP’s and Stardust.

Learn more about this BOT at our Pokemon Go Forum

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