Why does my mobile data turn off when I play Pokemon Go?

Why does my mobile data turn off when I play Pokemon Go?

Basically, my problem is I cannot play Pokemon Go while on mobile data. I can’t play because whenever I open the app while I’m on mobile data, it turns the mobile data off. I can however play while on WIFI connection, but it sucks that I can’t walk around anymore and play the game.

I have tried all fix that I can search of,
1. Cleared cache, uninstall and reinstall.
2. Made sure that Pokemon Go, Google Service and Google Play is enabled on mobile data.
3. Created a new account using the trainer club.

This has given me no improvement at all. Still can’t play on mobile data.

I have posted a screen capture video of my phone while it is having problem.

As you can see in the video that I can browse the internet, it’s just that it turns off whenever I open the Pokemon Go app.

I have a Sony Xperia Z3 by the way so I don’t think this is a phone compatibility issue since I was still able to play the game on mobile data since last October. Then on one faithful day, it won’t let me play anymore.

Please any one that could help me out. Thank you so much.

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