Why Poke Stops Are Missing!

Why Poke Stops Are Missing!

Why Poke Stops Are Missing!

Recently there has been a bunch of complaints going around about Poke stops being removed randomly.

This is because anybody can request to remove a Poke stop, so unhappy pedestrians are reporting the Pokestops and having them be removed. With these being removed tons of Poke trainers who walk to these spots everyday are left bummed out due to this, however some of these Poke stops will end up being re-added later on when they open up their request tickets again as’long as you send in a ticket of course!


We’d also like to announce a method Niantic will be using to ban GPS spoofers, those of you above level 30 with regional Pokemon, it has been confirmed that these Pokemon in fact cannot be hatched from 10km eggs and you will most likely end up being banned if you have one of these and are past level 30. This myth has been busted by Silph Roads new data chart which confirms out of over 40k Eggs 0 were actually regional pokemon, insisting that that hatch is so rare that you’d have to cheat in order to get it!

Another tip i may add is, Your egg hatch will be based upon where you receive your egg at the time. If you get your egg near water you have an increased rate to receive a Water type Pokemon for example.


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